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Voicethread - Communicate, Collaborate and Connect

Uses: Discussion boards


Description:  VoiceThread is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. VoiceThread will work in any modern web browser.

Creating: Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. Over 50 different types of media can be used in a VoiceThread.

Commenting: Comment on VoiceThread slides using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload.

Sharing: Keep a VoiceThread private, share it with specific people, or open it up to the entire world. Learn more about sharing VoiceThreads.

My thoughts: Easier to watch the video. I'm impressed so far, and these needs a closer look. My school currently uses Moodle, so I would need to compare them. This would on the surface appear to be a group discussion board, yet accepts video, audio, documents (over 50 kinds of media). Students can contribute individually, pairs, or groups. Students don't need to be inline at the same time so might be useful for weekend / vacation collaborative work. I have only looked at the K-12 pages too, which implies the product can be used by this age group.

Example project: I will have a closer look when time allows or I hear of a project it may be useful for. Please remind me to come back to this post during the summer. Thank you :-)

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