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English Clothing Flash Cards, Clip Art and Song for ESL, EFL Teachers

Hi, this is a new idea ! What are your thoughts? Rather than looking at a small thumbnail I figured it might be easier for you to watch a video of all my clothing teaching resources.

The brief video shows:

  • Clothing Flash Cards in US and UK English
  • The clothing clip art
  • The Clothing Song by The Magic Crayons.

These English resources are great for young learners of English and I have used them for many years as a teacher in Japan and at my own Saturday School of English in Tokyo.

These are all available exclusively via my Teachers Pay Teachers store in English, Spanish, and Japanese. The song is only in English. Please check my other great videos of further flash cards, clip art and songs in my YouTube Channel playlist.

I'd really appreciate some feedback below. Thank you - Mr. Tim

My gear list:

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English clothing song for Kids. My shirt, jacket, socks, shoes

Our most popular song ! The Clothing Song by The Magic Crayons.

It's the beginning of the school year for many kindergarten and pre-school teachers around the world, and songs don't much better than this for introducing clothing vocabulary to students. As you may have noted from the video we are based in Japan and teach English as an additional language to students in Kindergartens here.

It is a great song and students can take part even from their first time of hearing it with you. You can find the lyrics or download the song from our clothes songs page, Teachers Pay Teachers, iTunes or Amazon. It is one of 16 great songs on our Robots And Rainbows album available to download or on CD. We offer very nice discounts on purchases of two or more CDs, and many teachers and schools worldwide sell these to students for additional students support plus of course a little something financially for your self too. Please contact Tim for full details. Additionally, we have clothing games and clothing flash cards to accompany this song. If you wish to make your own work sheets or activities we have clothing clip art too. Everything within this website has been tried, tested, and improved in our own classes before making it available to you...

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Songs for Morning Meeting and Calendar

Songs for morning circle

Mrs Dunn spent the better part of two days finding music to go with her calendar.
As much as I love singing with the kids, it is nice to find some tunes so you don't have to listen to your own voice for morning meeting and calendar routine. I have all of my calendar on my SMART board this year, and I added sound to the different parts to go with the calendar. To save you some time, here is my full list of songs! (these were all downloaded off iTunes).
Please see the full post for the complete list, but here is Mrs Dunns days of the week selection
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Teacher's podcast with tips, tricks, and tools for your elementary school classroom

Website: Teachers Lounge Radio

Post: Teacher's Lounge Radio Episode 16. Show notes for the podcast with links.
Song of the Week: Days of the week song, by The Magic Crayons, of their album Robots and Rainbows.
Produced 20 podcasts between 2012 and 2013
Thank you Shannon !
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Study English at home

English Island, Japan

English Island, Japan

Website: English Island

Post: Study English at home. Music videos for children. Recommended clothing song.

Listen now: Clothing song by The Magic Crayons

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